Complimentary Medicine
(Reprint of 05/1995 Newsletter)

Dear friends,

Thanks for all your responses to my last letter. Every time I write to my clients, I get many wonderful responses that fill me with a sense of the community that homeopathy has created. That community feels like a type of health to me - one that I am very proud to have helped create with all of you. I have decided to try to write more often to help keep the information between us flowing.

One of the things that I have been wanting to address is the blending of regular (allopathic) medicine and homeopathy. During my six years of consulting in homeopathy, there have been times when my clients have had to go to the hospital in a crisis situation. It can be frightening and confusing as you switch gears between "alternative" healthcare practices and "regular" medicine. I recently had one of the mothers I work with do this in a way that was so perfect that I wanted to relate that experience to you so you could use it as a guide should you be in a similar situation.

In this particular case, the mother was dealing with her six-year-old son in sudden asthma crisis.
She responded by:
1. Staying as calm as possible under the circumstances.
2. Immediately trying the homeopathic remedies I had told her to have for crisis when I had done her child's case. (It helped that she had enough of the remedies and knew exactly where she had put them.)
3. As the crisis escalated, she shortened the time in between doses and then quickly went on to the higher potency.
4. When those things failed, she called me and luckily was able to reach me. If you cannot reach me (a definite possibility), go immediately to Step 6.
5. When she reached me, she clearly relayed the situation and what had already been done for the child. At that point, I asked her to call the doctor.
6. She called the doctor immediately. (Unfortunately, this is the place where people often hesitate and don't follow my instructions. Remember that if your homeopath is asking you to seek medical attention, it means that reasonable natural methods have failed.)
7. The doctor assessed the situation and asked her to proceed to the hospital. She called me to ask what I thought and I agreed with the doctor. She got ready and left immediately.

In emergencies, losing time can mean real difficulties. Remember that although you or you child may seem very critical to you, you may be left waiting at the hospital while someone is treated for gun shot, heart attack, etc. Leave yourself a margin of time for problems like traffic by leaving as soon as possible. You can always turn around and go home if things are really fine once you get to the hospital.

Everything turned out well. The hospital experience was a positive one for parent and child and took care of the immediate medical problem. Hospital staff responded appropriately to a very concerned but clear and coherent mother. Nobody was left with any situation that was difficult to live with other than a hospital bill and a few gray hairs. The well being of the person in crisis prevailed over dogma about any health care system.

I was left - once again - with a deep respect for the power of a parent's love and the ability of intelligent and caring people to make two systems that often seem opposed work beautifully together. This is one of the highest goals we can achieve here.

Remember that when you are asked by a regular doctor to go to the hospital, his or her decision may be somewhat based on their concern about their legal responsibility. For the most part with a homeopathic consultant, their decision to send you on to allopathic care means that there is a real concern that "indicated (natural) remedies have failed" and the problem may be bigger than can easily be handled at home.

Your best course of action then is to go when I say to go. There is truly a feeling that I get that signals me that we need more help than just remedies. Happily, my track record on these types of decisions has been excellent, and it is a place where I am acting at the highest level of my knowledge, experience, and intuition. Let me guide you at those times when you are being besieged and as a team we will be able to get through well.

Any time that you want to go to the doctor or hospital before I am ready to send you, I would urge you to
do so. At that point, you may have information that I do not and should respect your own intuition. I will always support you in making those personal choices even if it is not exactly what I would have chosen to do.

These challenging experiences are inevitable in life and are made easier in many ways by our willingness to yield to them as a natural part of life rather than a trauma or a failure. Whatever the experience, homeopathy can help us to feel as if we have choices and tools on our journey. Hemingway said, "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places." I'm happy to be able to share my strength with you and celebrate the strength that I have witnessed in others both in my practice and in my life.

Good health,

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