Lydia Hall (nee Lydia Korn) Homeopathy

Lydia H. Hall
(formerly Lydia H. Korn)
Holistic Health Consultant

Lydia H. Hall is a Holistic Health Consultant specializing in homeopathy.
She has worked with people with a wide range of physical and
emotional problems since 1989.

Because of the shortage of consultants in homeopathy, she has been
consulting by phone to every area of the United States since 1991.

Lydia teaches a variety of classes on homeopathy.  Using Homeopathy with Children and
Women's Health are available in two and three day seminar format.  Two-hour classes include Treating Colds, Flus, Fevers, & Coughs , Emotional Health through Homeopathy, and Using Kent's Repertory.  Classes on other subjects can be prepared on request.

Classes are intensive, and students come away with a good grounding in homeopathic theory as well as knowledge of many remedies and their relationships.  Class notes, called differential notebooks, are provided and greatly assist students in treating their own families.  
Classes are available for groups of ten or more.

Lydia's great-grandfather, Francis Esterly, practiced homeopathy in
Connecticut and New York over one hundred years ago.

Lydia can be reached at to set up appointments
or inquire about class availability.
She is also available by phone and cell phone for established clients.

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